Transportation is not a problem ... says 7% of the population

According to several polls and opinion surveys, -from different countries, languages ​​and institutions-, consulted by the creators of this site, only about 7% of the world population says that urban transport is not a problem. That means:

93% of the inhabitants of our Planet believes that the Urban Transport is a major problem to be solved quickly and efficiently.

We would like you to leave your comments at the end of this post, to better know your opinion. No matter if you belong to the 7% of the lucky ones who do not have to deal with traffic chaos in large and medium cities, or if you are within the 93% who either suffers every day in their coming and going around their city of residence, or is affected when, for personal or professional needs have to travel to and from large cities. 


  1. Government provision will also help to increase equality. It makes transport affordable for those on low incomes. Government can also offer discounts for low income groups like and van

  2. Urban transport would not be a problem if the transportation cost is affordable, number of vehicles are enough and traffic is normal. a man and van 247

  3. I agree with 93%. Urban transport problem can't be solved quickly. but, if government take initiative and handle efficiently, this problem would be overcome in a standard time period. man and van bournemouth